150-3 Ogi Kanetashinden, Sado Island, Niigata 952-0611, Japan | Tel. 0259-86-2320
Open: 9:00–17:00 | Closed: Mondays (Closed on Tuesday instead when Monday is a public holiday.)

Updates on planned closures


We would like to announce the following planned closures:

Aug. 18–20 (Fri–Sun)  Closed during Earth Celebration
Aug. 21–25 (Mon–Fri)  Open (9:00–17:00) *Open on Monday this week.
Aug. 26–27 (Sat–Sun)  Closed

During Earth Celebration, we’ll be delivering a taiko experience in Ogi Town. No sign up is required, so just come along.
Sammy, along with Yone and Mika from Sado Island Taiko Centre, will be waiting to have some outdoor summer fun with you playing taiko. See you there!

Aug. 19 (Sat) Open-Air Taiko Experience with Sammy
Time: 15:00–16:00
Venue: Triangle Park Fringe Venue, Ogi, Sado Island
Instructor: Masami Miyazaki (a.k.a. Sammy)

Thank you for your understanding.