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Kodo Cultural Foundation

Thanks to the generous support of many people, Kodo Cultural Foundation was established in 1997 to enable Kodo to broaden its activities on Sado Island, where the group is based. The Foundation’s primary mission is to carry out non-profit activities that focus on social education and giving back to the local community. It became a Public Interest Corporation in 2011. 

If Kodo’s performances were likened to a garden, then Kodo Cultural Foundation would be the roots of the plants growing there. Its activities include:

  • managing Sado Island Taiko Centre (a.k.a. Tatakokan) and Fukaura Schoolhouse
  • holding workshops and courses
  • planning and producing Kodo and Sado Island’s annual festival Earth Celebration
  • running Kodo Apprentice Centre
  • maintaining Kodo’s library collection
  • carrying out research into the performing arts

Kodo Cultural Foundation’s Four Activity Pillars

Kodo Cultural Foundation draws on the vast experience gathered over the years by Kodo Taiko Performing Arts Ensemble and the unique resources available on Sado Island to carry out its activities, which center around these four pillars:
(1) Human Resource Development
(2) Community Revitalization
(3) Arts and Culture Promotion
(4) International Cultural Exchange
Through its various projects, the Foundation also aims to contribute to the achievement of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

As one of its Community Revitalization initiatives, Kodo Cultural Foundation manages Sado Island Taiko Centre (Tatakokan) and Fukaura Schoolhouse, using these public facilities to support and increase activity in the local area. The Foundation collaborates with local residents and a range of groups on projects that bring new life to the region, which include promoting Sado tourism, developing unique local products, the preserving and utilizing historical areas, and finding ways to use former school facilities.

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Fukaura Schoolhouse

Fukaura Schoolhouse (Fukaura Gakusha in Japanese) was formerly Fukaura Elementary School, which closed its doors in March 2011. The buildings continued to be used by the local community, housing some group activities and serving as an evacuation center, but Kodo saw the potential to open the Schoolhouse up even more. The ensemble’s inception was based on the idea of creating a learning hub on Sado Island: the Sea of Japan University. When the school’s closing was announced, it sparked Kodo to reignite that plan and to reconfigure the school. In May 2014, Fukaura Schoolhouse opened its doors as a training facility with meal and lodging options.
While its proximity and affiliations to Sado Island Taiko Centre and Kodo make it perfect for taiko camps, Fukaura Schoolhouse is a great venue for a wide range of events such as sports and cultural camps, school and university camps, corporate training and team building, and immersive Sado Island sightseeing experiences.

※In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are not offering overnight accommodation at present. While we are not accepting bookings right now, we welcome inquiries about future camps and overnight stays anytime.

※Fukaura Schoolhouse is a 2-min. drive from Sado Island Taiko Centre, so we use the Schoolhouse gymnasium as an alternative venue for School Excursion Taiko Experiences.

Kodo Taiko School

Kodo Cultural Foundation and Kodo Taiko Performing Arts Ensemble launched Kodo Taiko School together in 2021, Kodo’s 40th anniversary year. This initiative was developed as a new way to contribute to and connect with the global taiko community. The School is an online learning forum where Kodo shares the spirit, physique and technique that the group has cultivated over the years with taiko enthusiasts from around the world. The instructors are all Kodo performers, bringing extensive knowledge about taiko playing and performances to each lesson. The courses take a holistic approach, looking at mindset, taiko skills, physical conditioning, and movement. 

In 2022, the School added the Exadon Facilitator Training Course to its curriculum. Exadon is an innovative fitness program centered around enjoying taiko, performing arts, and physical activity. With each graduating class of Exadon Facilitators, Kodo Cultural Foundation looks forward to seeing Exadon offered in more communities around the world.

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・Learn more about the Exadon Facilitator Training Course (Details available in Japanese only)