150-3 Ogi Kanetashinden, Sado Island, Niigata 952-0611, Japan | Tel. 0259-86-2320
Open: 9:00–17:00 | Closed: Mondays (Closed on Tuesday instead when Monday is a public holiday.)


Fukaura Schoolhouse

Fukaura Schoolhouse (Fukaura Gakusha in Japanese) was formerly Fukaura Elementary School, which closed its doors in March 2011. The buildings continued to be used by the local community, housing some group activities and serving as an evacuation center, but Kodo saw the potential to open the Schoolhouse up even more. The ensemble’s inception was based on the idea of creating a learning hub on Sado Island: the Sea of Japan University. When the school’s closing was announced, it sparked Kodo to reignite that plan and to reconfigure the school. In May 2014, Fukaura Schoolhouse opened its doors as a training facility with meal and lodging options.
While its proximity and affiliations to Sado Island Taiko Centre and Kodo make it perfect for taiko camps, Fukaura Schoolhouse is a great venue for a wide range of events such as sports and cultural camps, school and university camps, corporate training and team building, and immersive Sado Island sightseeing experiences.

※In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are not offering overnight accommodation at present. While we are not accepting bookings right now, we welcome inquiries about future camps and overnight stays anytime.

※Fukaura Schoolhouse is a 2-min. drive from Sado Island Taiko Centre, so we use the Schoolhouse gymnasium as an alternative venue for School Excursion Taiko Experiences.